What on earth happened to January?

It seems like yesterday that I last updated this blog with our Christmas wishes, and then the new year came and went along with a very wet and wild January. Westport has given us a summer like none we’ve experienced in Hamilton, a mix of wind, hail, thunder storms and a lot of rain, and even the odd sunny day, just to remind us that it is the high season.

Despite the crazy weather, we’ve had a steady stream of visitors through the lodge from all different walks of life; which has been really interesting and at times very entertaining. There was the bricklayer, concrete technician, drummer, yoga teacher, exotic pole dancer, herbal healer; and that was just one woman! She certainly raised the blood pressure of a few of our elderly male guests at breakfast time when she told them how she could teach their wives how to do lap dances.

img_4158We’ve met commercial travelers, artists, a Wall Street Stock broker, deep sea tuna fishermen, teachers, a forensic psychologist (who was writing a paper about mental health services in our prison system, absolutely fascinating), architects, fellow accommodation providers, a mechanic for McLaren Motor Racing, even an analyst for the US Homeland Security!

As our guests are generally in holiday mode when they stay with us, there’s always surprises when we learn of their occupation or ‘back-story’. It just reinforces the age old saying – you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

There’s nothing better than seeing our guests, who come from all walks of life and different cultures, getting together at breakfast and enjoying each others company and their perspective of our beautiful country.

No two days are the same, there’s always someone new and interesting to meet with a great story to share.

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