Then & Now… Outings at The Cape

The untamed natural wilderness that is the West Coast is not all rain and windswept beaches. In fact we’ve enjoyed some glorious weather during March, perfect for sunbathing, swimming and gatherings with friends on the beach.

Over the years, locals and visitors to the Coast have enjoyed the secluded beaches at the Cape. There’s a really cool website called West Coast New Zealand History, which has an archive of black & white photos of the area in earlier times.

Here’s a photo of Greymouth and Westport Hockey Players taken at Cape Foulwind in 1906, enjoying a picnic;21122-maxWest Coast New Zealand History – Contributor Zody Mark Tahi



It’s interesting to compare the contrasts between a beach gathering in 1906, and a gathering of more recent times;


The dress code may be completely different, but sharing a trip to the beach with family & good friends, brings just as much enjoyment now, as it did back then.


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